Disco Inferno

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February 2011 –

It’s the summer of 1976…it’s as hot outside as the fashion inside, hits and passion are on the dance floor and Jack is about to celebrate a 21st birthday he will never forget.

Working late in a London nightclub, Disco Inferno, Jack meets Lady Marmalade a femme fatale and the Devil’s right-hand lady.  Dreaming of becoming successful, he makes a Faustian pact with her, trading his soul to fulfill his wildest fantasies.  Sounds like an ideal bargain? Then think again.  Jack soon becomes an international success… a sensation, even making an appearance on Top of the Pops.  But this success proves hollow.  Jack has the fame and fortune he’d always dreamed of, but is losing his devoted girlfriend.

If only he could turn back time… If only he could make one more wish, trading all he has for something far more important….the love of his life.